Calcium rich foods for babies and children

Calcium rich foods
Written by Sneha

Calcium rich foods for babies and children because it is the most abundant mineral of our body. All new moms are very much eager to know amazing calcium rich foods for their babies. Calcium is the most mentioned mineral in women and kids’ diet due to many reasons.

Reasons to take calcium rich foods are

Proper growth of bones and teeth

Strong bones and teeth

Maintaining healthy muscles

To prevents against the diseases like osteoporosis, kidney diseases and bone deformation (rickets)

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For absorption of calcium vitamin D also required by the body. Along with calcium, vitamin Dis also very necessary. Sunlight is good source of vitamin D. fish and egg yolk also provide.

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According to WHO, calcium requirement are different for different age groups.

0 to 6 months – 300 mg/day

7 to 12 months – 450 mg/day

1 to 3 years – 500 mg/day

4 to 6 years – 550 mg/day

7 to 9 years – 700 mg/day

9 to 18 years – 1000 mg/day

Here is the list of food items which are rich in calcium

Dairy products

Dairy products

Milk, cheese, yogurt are good calcium source. These foods can be given to children and babies everyday in many forms. Daily one glass of milk can boost immunity as well as calcium level in the body.

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Poultry products

Poultry products

Eggs and chicken also provides calcium to the body. Boiled egg can easily given to the babies of one year. Chicken may not be digestable for babies but children of above 3 years can take in little form.



Okra (bhindi), turnip, broccoli, and spinach are very good source of mineral calcium and also other vitamins. Green peas, celery and cabbage also provides calcium. Vegetables are little bit difficult to give to babies and children so you can try for soups.



Oranges, berries like black berries, strawberries, pineapple, fig, apricots. Fruit juices are easy way to feed calcium to the children.

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Sea foods

Sea foods

It include fish like pink salmon, sardines, crab and shrimps are very good source of calcium. But consult with the doctor before switch to sea food diet for babies.

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Dry fruits

Dry fruits

Almonds, cashews, raisins are some examples. These dry fruits can be include in the breakfast diet.

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