Heart attack, Main Causes and symptoms

Heart attack, Main Causes and symptoms

It is necessary to understand Heart attack, Causes, symptoms and treatment, so that in emergency one can follow up the action. Other terms used for heart attack are myocardial infarction, cardiac infarction, and coronary thrombosis.

A heart attack is a sudden condition which appear when the flow of blood to the heart is get stop. The loss of blood supply leads to the death of a segment of the heart muscle.

Other form of heart attack is due to blockage of coronary arteries. Reason behind the blockage is the deposition of cholesterol in the arteries.

Previously these kind of heart related problem mostly found in the people with age more than 40. But due to bad lifestyle now it is common in 20 to 25 age group people.

If heart attack symptoms left untreated then it leads to death of heart tissue and sometime person also. As soon as the person gets help there is less chance of heart tissue damage. But without knowing about heart attack symptoms how one can go for treatment or do any kind of help.

So it is very necessary to understand the causes, symptoms of the heart attack.

Causes of heart attack

There are many causes for heart problems but the risk factors are in the list.


when a man is over 45, and when a woman is over 55 are more likely to have a heart attack than are younger men and women.

High cholesterol levels

A high level of low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol or bad cholesterol is the major factor for narrowing of arteries. This narrowness affect the flow of the blood to the heart and increases the risk of heart disorders and attack.

On other hand a high level of high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol or good cholesterol lowers your risk of heart attack.


Patients with diabetes may have high risk of heart attack. Because low level of insulin during diabetes leads to high level of sugar in blood.

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Physical inactivity

Low level of physical exercise or an inactive lifestyle contributes to high blood cholesterol levels and obesity. Aerobic exercise decreases their overall risk of heart attack.

Family history of heart attack

This disorder can inherit from parent or from grandparents. Risks are more. Especially when obesity is genetic.

Obesity or overweight

Obesity is associated with High blood cholesterol levels, high blood pressure and diabetes are due to obesity or overweight. All this factors increases the risk of heart problems.

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Stress and smoking

Stress leads to high blood pressure or hypertension. Smokers are at much higher risk for the heart attack than non-smokers.

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Symptoms of heart attack

Difficulty in Breathing

During heart attack there will be more pressure on the heart because of that there is problem in respiration. If without any reason you are feeling more often tired then consult to the doctor.

Chest Pain

This is the most common symptom of heart attack. But in diabetic patients chest pain is very rare. If you feel pain in between chest or tightness, heaviness or pressure. This can be the symptoms of heart attack.

Excessive sweating

Without any work or physical activity if you are getting excess sweat then it is the early symptom. This condition leads to blockage of arteries which carry blood to the heart.

Nausea & Vomiting

Sometime during heart attack or before heart attack one can feel indigestion and acidity. Nausea, vomiting, burning sensation in chest and stomach pain are common symptoms of heart attack which should not be ignore.

Body ache

During heart attack other body parts also pain. Pain can be in arms, back, neck and jaw. You will feel heaviness and tightness in these areas. This type of pain starts and may reach to chest. These symptoms should not ignore and consult to the doctor.

Fast Heart beat

Fast and irregular pulse rate and heart beat are the indication for heart problem or attack. If these symptoms appear suddenly then immediately rush to the doctor.


Continuous stress, tension and nervousness in life can increases the risk for heart problems. If you are uncomfortable during sleep and wake up frequently due to nervousness can be the early signs.

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