Skin infection, Human Papillomavirus infection features

Skin infection, Human Papillomavirus infection features

Human Papillomavirus infection is a type of skin infection. It spreads through skin contacts and most sexually active person are affected. Multiple sex partners mainly get the infection at some point in life. It can affect genitals, mouth, or throat of the body. Different types of Human Papillomavirus infection cause warts on different parts of  the body. Most HPV infections don’t lead to cancer. But some types of genital HPV can cause cancer of the lower part of the uterus.

Causes of Human Papillomavirus infection

A cut, abrasion or small tear are the reason for normal HPV infection.

Sexual intercourse, anal sex and other skin to skin contact in the genital region for genital HPV.

A pregnant lady who has HPV can infect her baby during delivery. And this can cause a genital or respiratory system infection.

Risk of getting HPV infection

Human Papillomavirus HPV infection is a common type of infection among individuals. While some are at more risk than others, they are individuals with

Multiple partners, if individuals have the higher number of intimate partners. And having sexual intercourse with a partner who has had a higher number of intimate partners also increases the risk.

Weak immune system, high risk of HPV infection for weak immune system people. Weakness can be by HIV/AIDS or by immune system-suppressing drugs used after organ transplants.

Age, it plays major role. Genital warts occur most often in adolescents and young adults. Common warts occur mostly in children.

Skin, damaged skin or skin with cuts is more prone to Human Papillomavirus HPV infection.

The personal touch, without any protection measure if touching wart can increase the risk of getting an infection. Like public bathing area.

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Symptoms of Human Papillomavirus infection

Human Papillomavirus infection normally recovers itself. When virus remains in the body for a long time then the immune system in response gives warts. Warts are nothing but the extra growth of skin. They can range in size and appearance and be large, small, flat, or cauliflower shape.

Warts are of different types, common warts in children on hands, fingers and elbow. Genital warts in adults can be leads to infection in private parts.

Flat warts occur on face and neck in both children and adults. Plantar warts most commonly appear on the heels or balls of the feet.

HPV can increase the risk of developing cancer. Especially in cervical, genital and throat cancer.

Treatments and precautions

Normally infection treats itself and goes off. Medication and ointments are there to treat warts. In rare conditions surgery also is useful. Warts can be treated easily but it is not possible to remove the virus from the body.

Certain things are there to prevent the virus infection. Like not get into the relationship with the person who has visible warts. Get vaccine against Human Papillomavirus. Get regular health checkups, screenings, and Pap smears.

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