Doctor reveals the 5 secrets of fit life

Doctor reveals the 5 secrets of fit life

Have you ever wondered how doctors keep themselves so fit and healthy? A doctor knows everything about medicines and vaccines, still, they try to avoid all these things. But why? Now answer is here, Doctor reveals the 5 secrets of fit life. Let’s take a look.

The first secret, Have patience in difficult circumstances 

Neurosurgeon doctor says that in everybody’s life ups and down comes. Even doctor cannot escape from this. The first responsibility of individual does not get panic in worse condition. Try to control your emotions so that it will not affect patient’s life.

Especially in operation theatre, it is very important to control your emotions to keep the focus on the patient. Maximum doctors’ take help of meditations. Regular meditations with few exercises can help to calm down, stress-free and ambitious. The mantra of life or secrets of fit life is focused on inner peace to avoid external disturbances.

Second secret, Essential to keep distance from laziness

Doctor (cardio surgeon) never compromise in their fitness schedule being in busy life. Exercise should include running and aerobics. Think your body as a machine so try to continue busy in work. Do not show laziness in workouts and work to remain healthy.

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Third secrets of fit life, Nutrition conscious 

Pediatrician suggests that absorption of calcium by body depend on vitamin D and B12. Because of that sunlight is very necessary for everyone. Due to hectic life schedule and work it very difficult to take out time for a sunbath.  So, doctors suggest always include fresh vegetables, pulses, seasonal fruits in your diet, especially for vegetarians. A doctor always goes for food intake rather than supplements.

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The fourth secret Never compromises for sleep 

Compulsion in jobs bound the person to change their lifestyle according to them. Modern lifestyle changes the sleep pattern which affects the health. In doctor’s profession one day or other, they have to skip sleep and meal. But the doctor says that they compensate their sleep next day. Daily nap of 10 to 15 minutes can improve your work efficiency.

The fifth secrets of fit life, doctors are not superhuman

Discipline in life is vital. Doctor stick to their strict discipline schedule. According to them, everyone born healthy, but their lifestyle push them to unhealthy life. As you grow disease will surround you. Doctor have good habits to follow like wash hands often, wear a mask, keep the distance from smoking and avoid late night parties. If someone follows these good habits and apply in their life then they can definitely become healthy.

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