Is there a health relation between okra and diabetes?

Is there a health relation between okra and diabetes?

Okra is also known as lady’s finger. It is very famous vegetable due to its unique taste and now it is becoming more important because of nutritional benefits.

Raw okra is 90% water, 2% protein, 7% carbohydrates and negligible in fat. It is having anti-diabetic properties and has a positive effect on blood sugar control.

Okra contains potassium, vitamin B, vitamin C, folic acid, and calcium. It’s low in calories and has high dietary fiber content.

Medicinal purposes of okra include okra water, okra peels, and powdered seeds.

A new method to lesser the symptoms of diabetes is taking okra water. It can be prepared by soaking okra pods in water for overnight so that some essential nutrients get dissolved in water.

Okra peels also helpful in diabetes, with the help of grater peels can easily be removed out and simply orally can be taken by an individual. Exact amount is not known.

Seeds of okra can be consumed in powder form to take health benefits in diabetes.

How is okra healthy for a diabetic patient?

Insoluble fibers in okra can help to stabilize blood glucose by slowing the rate at which sugar is absorbed from the intestinal tract. This is the way okra works in our body.

Other okra health benefits

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Okra and digestion

High fiber content of okra makes it more digestible than other food. Better digestion helps your body to fit and healthy. It also prevents and improves constipation.

okra health benefits for Stress relief

 Diabetes can be managed if stress level is managed and okra has an anti-stress effect on health. Regular consumption of okra can help in diabetes.

Okra also lowers the cholesterol and make the hearty healthy.

Improving energy levels and improving symptoms of depression.

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