Heart attack Treatments and Preventions

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Let us discuss the Heart attack Treatments and Preventions. A heart attack is a sudden condition which appear when the flow of blood to the heart is get stop. The loss of blood supply leads to the death of a segment of the heart muscle.

Previously these kind of heart related problem mostly found in the people with age more than 40. But due to bad lifestyle now it is common in 20 to 25 age group people.

If heart attack symptoms left untreated then it leads to death of heart tissue and sometime person also. As soon as the person gets help there is less chance of heart tissue damage. But without knowing about heart attack symptoms how one can go for treatment or do any kind of help.

So it is very necessary to understand the Heart attack Treatments  and preventions of the heart attack.

Heart attack Treatments

Heart attack Treatments

First thing include in heart attack treatment is to remember that a person’s survival depends mainly on how quickly you reach the hospital.

A variety of effective treatments are available like thrombolytic or clot-busting medications. But it should give quickly in order to be effective.

Medications include aspirin, anti-platelets, and beta blockers. Surgery like angioplasty and CABG or coronary artery bypass graft.

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Heart attack prevention

Heart attack prevention

The best way to prevent a heart attack is to have a healthy lifestyle. Measures for healthy living include the following:

Not smoking

Taking a balanced and healthy diet

Get into some kind of physical activity

Tension free and plenty of good quality sleep

Keep your diabetes under control

Do not smoke and avoid alcohol intake

Maintain blood cholesterol and blood pressure at optimum levels

Maintain a healthy body weight or avoid obese

Avoid stress and learn to manage it

Medications, can reduce the risk of a heart attack and help damaged heart function better

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