Vaginal white discharge types with easy treatments

Vaginal white discharge

Every woman should know the facts of Vaginal white discharge types with easy treatments. Normally vaginal discharge is normal condition. But unusual sign like foul smell with different colour of discharge may indicate the infection.

There are many different types of vaginal discharge. Types of discharge depend on their colour and consistency of fluid. Each day your vagina secret fluids which contain old cells. This is the way of vagina to keep clean and healthy.

When discharge becomes a problem?

When the amount of discharge increases that needs change of undergarments frequently. Smelly discharge with different colour. Discharge may cause irritation, itching and burning sensation in or around vagina.

Vaginal white and thick discharge

Little white discharge is normal, especially at the beginning or end of menstrual cycle. Discharge with smell and thick consistency then go for doctor’s advice. Maximum chances of yeast infection has these kind of signs.

Watery clear vaginal discharge

After heavy workouts or physical exercise vagina may release clear water type discharge. It is quite normal.

Mucous and clear vaginal discharge

During ovulation female body normally releases clear and mucous discharge from vagina. This discharge mainly help the sperms to reach the eggs.

Brown or bloody discharge

After completing menstrual cycle or in late phase a little brown or bloody discharge is normal. But in middle of the month is not normal.

For postmenopausal women this type of discharge may consider as cervical cancer.

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Green and yellow discharge

Yellow discharge with bad odour indicates trichomoniasis infection due to sexual activity.

This infection is usually spread by sexual contact and sharing towels or bathing suits. Symptoms include pain, inflammation, and itching.

Greenish yellow discharge can be due to gonorrhoea and chlamydia infection.

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Bacterial infection

When vaginal discharge gives very bad and strong odour. Odour can be fishy, foul. It indicates bacterial infection of vagina. No major symptoms.

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Yeast infection with vaginal white discharge

Yeast is a fungus and it causes fungal infection in the vagina. Normally yeast stays in vagina with no side effects. But when the number increases abnormally and leads to burning and itching inside vagina. This become problematic.

High number of yeast are due to stress, use of birth control pills, diabetes, pregnancy and antibiotics.

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Common reasons for vaginal white discharge

Ovulation can be reason for vaginal discharge. Vagina secret white fluid to help sperm, so that it can travel easily to egg for fertilization.

When your period is on the way. Then vagina secret discharge.

During pregnancy the cervix and vaginal walls get softer, and discharge increases to help prevent any infections travelling up from the vagina to the womb.

Stress due to hormonal imbalance within the body can lead to vaginal discharge.

Home treatments for vaginal white discharge

Main cause of discharge is unhygienic practices. Practice good hygiene habit. Here are some.

Wear cotton breathable undergarments. Follow safe sex technique. Use protection to avoid sexually transmitted diseases.

Take regular bath and do not forget to wash with clean water your vaginal part. Daily change undergarments after bath. Wash undergarments properly.

If symptoms worsens then it is always better to consult doctor.

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