Relationship between urine odor and body condition

Relationship between urine odor and body condition

It is a natural tendency of a person to smell and start predicting something. Sometimes our body smell own body odor and it is good for us. Because urine odor can help to detect the certain type of abnormalities in our body.

Odor of urine like food

Urine odor depends on the type of food you are taking. Certain food items have a typical strong smell and taste like onion, garlic, radish, clove, cinnamon, asparagus and coffee. Large amounts of fish, meat, and eggs in your diet can change the urine odor. Sometimes medications and supplements, such as vitamin B complex, may lead to a usual urine odor.

Certain conditions like urinary tract infection or diabetes may alter the smell of urine.

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Ammonical smell of urine

A diluted form of urine smell is normal but urine also contains some waste product. The high amount of waste product in urine cause it to smell strong. One such compound is urea which is broken down product of protein.

If your urine odor is like ammonia then there is a possibility of the breakdown of urea and exerted in urine giving a strong smell.

Improper function of kidney, bladder or dehydration can cause ammonia-like smell in urine.

Fruity odor of urine

Breakdown of ketones body leads to some byproducts which smell fruity. This condition is warning of improper function of insulin production causing diabetes.

Prolonged fasting also leads to fruity odor to your urine.

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