Vaginal itching, causes, symptoms and treatments

Vaginal itching, causes, symptoms and treatments

A complete guide of  Vaginal itching, causes, symptoms and treatments because it is an uncomfortable and painful symptom that often occurs due to many reasons. Girls and women face problems like vaginal itching, burning sensation and pain. Itching, burning sensation and pain are normal conditions but if it is occurring in sensitive private part then condition is not good.

Vaginal itching is not a disease but a problem in most of the women. Sexually active women are more prone to it. Sometime it is due high use antibiotic which creates better environment for bacteria to develop.

There are many reasons for vaginal itching and because of that women may find difficult to concentrate on the work. Other symptoms also find like pain, burning, swelling, rashes and dryness. These symptoms are dangerous and women should consult to the doctor if she is facing.

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Vaginal itching common causes

Vaginal yeast infection

Vaginal yeast infection

Out of 4 women 3 suffers from yeast infection in their life time. Infection is caused by the fungus Candida albicans. Mostly occurs in women who takes alcohol, birth control pills on regular basis. Risk is more for them also who is diabetic, have low immunity power and have mental stress.

Symptoms include white creamy discharge, smelly discharge, vaginal pain, swelling and pain during intercourse. Soreness, redness and rash around the vaginal part.

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Bacterial infection cause Vaginal itching

Along with yeast in the vagina some lactobacillus bacteria also resides. These are normal. But sometime bad bacteria number increases due to unknown reasons.

This bacterial infection cause vaginal itching, burning during urination and swelling around the vagina.

Trichomoniasis infection cause Vaginal itching

It is sexually transmitted infection caused by protozoan organism called Trichomonas vaginalis. It travels from person to person through genital contact during sex.

Most common symptoms among women are vaginal discharge, spotting, genital burning or vaginal itching, genital redness or swelling and frequent urge to urinate.

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Thinning of vaginal walls

Vaginal itching can be cause due to vaginal wall imperfection. Thinning of vaginal walls also term as vaginal atrophy may be the reason for itching.

Vaginal atrophy occurs due to low level of estrogen level in the body. Reason for this can be breast feeding, surgical menopause, chemotherapy etc.

Urethritis cause Vaginal itching

Urethritis is an inflammation of the urethra, it affects people of all ages. Both males and females can develop the condition. Urethritis are the result of an infection from either a bacteria or a virus.

Symptoms of urethritis more frequent urge to urinate, discomfort during urination and vaginal itching.

Other causes include skin infection like eczema and psoriasis, use of harsh chemical soaps which irritate the skin. Sexually transmitted diseases during unprotected sex like genital warts, herpes and gonorrhoea.

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Treatment for vaginal itching

Treatment for vaginal itching

First rule of the treatment is try to maintain cleanliness of vaginal area. Wash daily your private part with mild soap.

Avoid using cream, harsh soap, fragrant pads and deodorant on private parts. These contain certain chemicals which may irritate and harm your skin.

Always go for protective sex, if you are already infected then try to avoid sex until it get cure.

Wear and use always cotton undergarments and try to change two times in a day.

Add fresh yogurt in your diet because it helps to increases the healthy bacteria. Avoid continuous itching of the affected parts.

Always consult with the doctor for permanent cure and better treatment.

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