12 uncommon pregnancy body changes

12 uncommon pregnancy body changes

Those who are going to be new moms or pregnant women should aware of 12 uncommon pregnancy body changes. Being lady, pregnancy is wonderful gift anyone can have. It changes the life of both the partners forever.

Arrival of little guest makes you happy and excited. But most of the time only few women aware of body changes during pregnancy. These changes are very different and these are first time so, extra care must be taken. It is necessary because body change can affect the behaviour of lady.

Body changes include internal and external changes. One should not get panic after knowing about the changes, but understanding helps to become mentally strong. Changes can be hormonal, physical, internal and emotional.

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Hormonal changes pregnancy body changes

Pregnant women experience sudden increases in estrogen and progesterone hormone.  Other hormones also fluctuates.

Estrogen and progesterone are the main pregnancy hormones. A woman during pregnancy produce more estrogen than throughout her entire life. Peak point at third trimester.

Functions of estrogen hormone during pregnancy period are help in formation of new blood vessels, transfer of nutrients and development of foetus.

Progesterone levels also high during pregnancy. It helps internal structures to increase in size, such as the ureters and uterus.

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Physical changes during pregnancy body changes

Breast size changes

Most of the women feel and notice the change in the breasts. Size of the breast increases gradually with the pigmentation or stretch marks. During pregnancy hormone prepare breast to provide milk to the new born.

Breasts may feel tender and swollen. Some women also notice an increase in the size of the nipple and areola. Dark colour of areola and protruding nature of nipple.

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Vaginal or cervical changes, the lining of vagina become thick and less sensitive. Cervix produces thick mucus which help the foetus to implant in the uterine line.

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Skin changes, it include light to dark stretch marks. Hyperpigmentation of skin which leads to darkening in skin tone on body parts such as the areolas, genitals, scars, and a dark line down the middle of the abdomen.

Women develop white to pinkish-purple stretch marks by the third trimester of pregnancy.

Rashes and boils, some women may find red bumps along the abdomen, legs, arms, or back. Rashes are mostly harmless and go away after pregnancy.

Other changes include weight gain, water or fluid retention and swelling of face and in the limbs.

Internal changes during pregnancy body changes

Circulatory system changes, include expansion of the blood vessels and the increased stress on the heart and lungs. It leads to feel dizzy and fatigue. Low blood pressure due to pressure on blood vessels which carry blood to heart.

Breathing pattern changes

Metabolic rate changes or can say increases during pregnancy. It is because of high demand of blood and oxygen. Gradually pregnancy demands energy to for pregnant women and baby. Finally shortness of breath or air feels by pregnant women.

Frequent urination

At the end of the first trimester, mostly pregnant lady feel like urinating more often. It is because of growing uterus pushes on the bladder. During cough or sneeze one can leak a little urine because of the extra pressure on your bladder.

Constipation, The iron in the vitamin tablets and slow digestion process may lead to constipation. Fiber rich food or a stool softener may help with constipation. Drinking plenty of water (about eight glass per day) also help to relieve in constipation.

Sensory changes means alteration in taste, vision and smell during pregnancy. Changes which relates to vision are blurriness, discomfort with contact lenses and rare case of vision loss.

Taste and smell aversion

Most women experience changes in their sense of taste during pregnancy. Food with strong salt, high sugar and sour items usually prefer by women in first trimester. It is because of dull sense of taste during pregnancy.

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Certain types of smells become undemanding for time period. Highly sensitive to certain odours and become unbearable.

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