Pregnancy Months Calculator With Accurate Weeks

Pregnancy Months Calculator With Accurate Weeks

Pregnancy months calculator is very important to know the exact date of delivery. When you just tested positive for pregnancy you already starts calculations for the new one arrival. Several types of questions arises in your mind related to the date of birth for baby, how many weeks or months your baby old etc. Do not worry here in this article you will understand the how to calculate pregnancy weeks and months easily.

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How is pregnancy due date calculated?/ Pregnancy months calculator 

It is very simple you have to add 40 weeks or 280 days to your first day of your last menstrual period. If you miss your first period then you are likely be 4 weeks pregnant. It include 2 weeks of menstruation and ovulation.

It is possible when your cycle of 28 days. Ovulation period and menstrual period are calculated as the first two weeks of pregnancy as ovulation takes place 2 weeks after first day of last menstrual period.

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How to calculate weeks of pregnancy?

Pregnancy weeks or pregnancy is mainly calculated based on your last period. From the first day of the last menstrual period is consider as week one of your pregnancy started. It helps in giving exact date for medical treatment or care.

Last menstrual period method is the best way to know or understand the ovulation and conception dates. Otherwise gynaecologist will help you in a better way.

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How doctor or gynaecologist calculate or diagnose?

Normally doctor use three methods for calculation of due date or diagnosis. Methods include physical examination, ultrasound and last menstrual period method.

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Physical examination

Physical examination of your uterus size. After 11 weeks or around 12 weeks doctor can feel uterus above the pelvis. This method is not always accurate because other factors affects pregnancy like twins, obesity or tumour in uterus.

Ultrasound method

This method is based on the series of the measurement of gestational sac and the foetus. The sonographer measures the baby from head to toe to give the crown rump length. It helps to estimate the pregnancy week base on growth of the baby.

Last menstrual period method

This method work like from the first day of the last menstrual period is consider as week one of your pregnancy started.

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