Wikoryl Tablet Uses, Benefits, Combinations, Side-Effects and FAQ

Wikoryl Tablet Uses, Benefits, Combinations, Side-Effects and FAQ

Wikoryl Tablet Uses, Benefits, Combinations, Side-Effects and FAQ. Tablet is used in the treatment of allergic disorders. Also used for cold, common cold, fever, nasal decongestant, headache, itchy throat/skin and other conditions.

Wikoryl Tablet Uses

Tablet is used for the treatment and control of the following diseases, conditions and symptoms:




Ear pain

Joint pain


Hay fever


Itchy throat/skin


Eye mydriasis

Intraocular tension

Nasal decongestant

How Wikoryl Tablet works in the body?

Tablet works by increasing the pain threshold and increases the blood flow across the skin, heat loss and sweating. When the blood vessels get constricts it results in decreasing the flow of blood thus relieves nasal congestion.

Packages and capabilities

Tablet comes in 2 mg/5 mg/500 mg

Wikoryl Tablet– combination, active content composition and active ingredients

Tablet contains Chlorpheniramine, Paracetamol and Phenylephrine as active ingredients.

Wikoryl Tablet Side Effects

These side effects not compulsory for everyone, some will observe and some are not. And these side effects are mild to moderate to severe depend on the patient’s condition.


Dry mouth




Breath shortness

High blood pressure

Allergic reactions

Liver damage

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How to Use/take Wikoryl Tablet

Take this medicine in the dose and duration as advised by your doctor. Swallow it as a whole. Do not chew, crush or break it.

Wikoryl Tablet Substitutes

Coscold 30 Mg/500 Mg/2.5 Mg/10 Mg Tablet

 Wikoryl Tablet Drug Interaction

Wikoryl Tablet may interact with these drugs and products




High blood pressure medicines

Juxtapid mipomersen






Wikoryl Tablet Precautions

Avoid smoking and use of tobacco

Tablet should be used with caution in patients with liver disease and kidney disease

Tablet may cause excessive drowsiness and calmness with alcohol, so avoid taking it with alcohol

Medicine may be unsafe to use during pregnancy and breastfeeding

Prohibition / Contraindications

Hypersensitivity to tablet is a contraindication. In addition to that medicine should not be used if you have the following conditions:

Hepatic impairment



Frequently Asked Questions

Is this medicine is safe during pregnancy?

This medicine is not recommended for use during pregnancy. Please consult to the doctor.

Is Wikoryl can be use while breastfeeding?

No, it is not safe. Please consult to the doctor.

Is it an antibiotic?

It is a psychoactive drug.

Can we operate heavy machine or drive vehicle when using this medicine?

If you find side effects like weakness and dizziness then do not use this medicine. Because it may not be safe. Please take doctor’s advice before start using it.

Habit forming or addiction occur with this medicine?

No, this medicine does not cause any addiction.

Consumption of alcohol is safe when taking Wikoryl?

Medicine may cause excessive drowsiness and calmness with alcohol, so avoid taking it with alcohol.

Is there any side effects of this Wikoryl medicine?

Yes there are many side effects. Please refer to the articles.

Taking of this medicine can cause weight gain?

Please consult with the doctor.

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