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Parenting style types for children for their different needs and expectations. Upbringing of the children completely decides their future. Parenting style means how you treating your children or dealing with them after all they are beginners and you as parents are their first teachers.

Each and every parents wants their children to be happy and achieve every good things in their life. For all these reasons some parents take rude method for teaching. Or some become very lenient. According to psychologist a good and effective parent has some extra ordinary qualities. These qualities can be adapt easily if you know the parenting style types.

There are mainly four types of parenting style types for children. These are authoritative parenting, authoritarian parenting style, permissive parenting and neglectful parenting. Let us discuss each and every point of parenting style to become a good parents.

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Parenting style types – Authoritative parenting

  • Authoritative parenting style is very good, effective for normal children. In this kind of style parents prepare some rules and regulations for their children. But these rules are not rude and strict, according to the condition they change for the sake of the children.
  • They start teaching their children about good behaviour with logics. They scold when their child do wrong things so that their child being able to differentiate between good and bad behaviour. In this type of parenting style there is open talk between parents and children.
  • Authoritative parenting style makes children happy and successful. Addition to that these kind of children can take better decision in their life and can tackle most of their problems by their own. They become more responsible children and can put their opinion without any hesitation.

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Authoritarian parenting style

  • This type of parenting style is strict type in which parents always set the rules for the children. And it should followed by the children at any cost just because they do not know anything or not mature enough.
  • Authoritarian parents never allow their children to get into problematic condition or problem solving challenges. And they also not interested in their children’s opinion. They punish them on their mistakes instead of understanding them.
  • According to psychologist children of authoritarian parenting style are of low esteem and low self-confidence. Addition to that children are of shy nature and they always feel insecure.

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Parenting style types – Permissive parenting

  • In permissive parenting style parents are very lenient and soft hearted towards their children. They make very few rules for their children. They are very much protective towards their children and cannot see their children in pain.
  • These parents become friends of their children and always discuss and help to solve their children’s problem. Drawback of this method is due to lack of discipline in these children they become arrogant and egoistic in nature.
  • According to psychologist friendly nature of parents is necessary but up to certain limit so that children understand their responsibility.

Neglectful parenting style

  • This is the most dangerous and bad parenting style of all types. These parents never create any good environment for their children and no rules for them. Due to that children never learn discipline and respect. They will not bother about their children’s basic needs.
  • It is happen due to issues with the parents themselves like fights, exploitation and mental health issues. Children of neglectful parents lacks self-confidence and self-respect and become victim of behaviour problems.
  • Many researchers found that authoritative parenting style is the best style among all.

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