Break the children gadget addiction

Break the children gadget addiction

Nowadays electronic gadgets like mobile phone, iPad are children’s best friends. Most of their time they spent on mobiles and get addicted to it. It is very difficult to explain the disadvantages of using gadgets. Break the children gadgets addiction in these simple ways.

Why it is necessary to beat the addiction? The answer is parents are fed up with children’s bad habit. Due to gadget addiction, they forget their food, studies and even going to the washroom. They do not want to play outside, instead of those they are happy with online games and video games. They are becoming more interesting than real friends.

Self-control to get rid of gadgets addiction

Today’s digital world is incomplete without the use gadgets. From bill payment to the reservation, we completely depend on it. But our need is going in a wrong way. Now need become an addiction. Handling children is like handling glass.

Before controlling your child try to control yourself. Because they are nothing but your mirror image. Children learn by your actions, not by your instructions. If you limit your time on gadgets then they will learn automatically.

Time limit for gadgets

After consulting with your children fix the time limit for using social media and gadgets. For example two times in a day one can use internet for messaging, surfing or playing games.

According psychotherapist parents should keep one eye always on their children when they are using the smartphone, video game and internet surfing. In between that parents should talk to them so that children feel that they are not alone.

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Set open platform to discuss

Friendly nature of parents helps children to discuss their problems. Openly discuss with children about merits and demerits of gadgets. Tell them about health-related problems like harmful radiations from the phone, mental illness and depression due to use of the smartphone.

Explain the difference between social and being social

It is necessary to explain the difference between real friends and internet friend. According to the psychologist, when you are active on social media then you are in the imaginary world. Where you are connecting with friends by chatting, posting, and commenting. This connection is not emotional and you cannot feel it. Real life and imaginary social life are two opposite things. Friends and family are real life things which children should understand. These relationships make children mentally, socially, and emotionally strong.

Keep no gadgets zone

During breakfast, lunch, dinner, studies, and sleeping time try to avoid using gadgets. Keep these areas no gadgets zones.

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