Should I go for cardio or weightlifting for weight loss?

Should I go for cardio or weightlifting for weight loss?

Overweight and obesity are most common problems among people. Everyone wants to look thin, slim and fit. Gaining weight and losing weight both are time taking slow process. Physical activity and healthy diet both are necessary. But the confusion arises which physical activity is good for weight loss, cardio or weightlifting.

Both workouts are popular types so it is quite difficult to choose. In this article, we will discuss few points to understand the relation and find out which one is best.

Which one is good calorie burner cardio or weightlifting?

Amount of calorie you burn if it is more than you take then it helps to lose weight. In the cardio exercise, you will burn more calorie than weight lifting. While putting the same effort and time duration.

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Benefit of weight lifting over cardio

Metabolism is a noteworthy term in health. Metabolism is the set of life-sustaining chemical transformations within the cells of organisms. A good metabolism allows the body to grow and proper function. Weightlifting increases the metabolism of the body which is good for your health.

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Physical activity of muscle building

Losing weight is a good thing but if someone wants to build muscles while losing weight. Weight training is not very helpful for weight loss. Weight training can lead to an increase in muscle and a decrease in fat.

If one wants to lose weight and gain muscle then go for cardio and weightlifting.

Want to decrease in body fat then go for the cardio session.

Weight training or weight lifting is better than cardio for building muscle.

Exercise and diet for optimal health

All major health organizations recommend a good diet and exercise routine to promote weight loss.

A healthy diet and good exercise are two critical factors for weight loss success. Because losing weight is not the only thing but after losing weight maintaining is also important for healthy living.

It is not good to lose weight very quickly, so both cardio and weight lift can help according to studies.

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