Vaginal pain problems, causes, symptoms and treatment

Vaginal pain problems, causes, symptoms and treatment

Sometime physical intimacy become problems for women due to Vaginal pain problems, causes, symptoms and treatment. Vagina is muscular genital organ of the female body. Functions of the vagina are helps in childbirth, allows for sexual intercourse and channels for menstrual flow.

Pain or discomfort in the area of the vulva or in vaginal opening is known as vulvodynia. It is a medical problem which has causes, symptoms and treatment. Women of all ages can experience vaginal pain.

Factors for Vaginal pain problems

Factors for Vaginal pain problems

Hormonal changes due to pregnancy, menopause and removal of uterus may contribute to higher risks. If one has the history of medication due to breast cancer may develop pain in the vagina.

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Causes for Vaginal pain problems

Causes for Vaginal pain problems

Common causes of vaginal pain include infection by bacteria or yeast. Other factors may include injury or damage due to sex, childbirth, surgery, or other medical procedures.

Vaginal pain can also because of painful intercourse. Due to insufficient lubrication during sex from hormonal changes or lack of sexual arousal.

Symptoms of Vaginal pain problems

Vaginal pain symptoms may vary from mild to severe. Pain with discharge can be the reason due to yeast infection.

If you feel these kind of things in your vaginal part then it may be the symptoms of vaginal discomfort like burning, itching, soreness, stinging, rawness and pain during intercourse. It should not be ignore and immediately consult to the doctor.

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Diagnosis of Vaginal pain problems

There is no particular test for the problem. But by observing the problems or discomforts in vaginal region can consider for consultation.

Doctors mainly go for physical exam of vaginal area and medical history of the patients. If pain along with the vaginal discharge then diagnosis of fluid can be done. Mainly diagnosis is made based upon the characteristic symptoms.

Treatment for Vaginal pain problems

Treatment for Vaginal pain problems

Infection due to bacteria or yeast can be treat by antibiotics. Medicines like anti-fungal or anti-bacterial.

Irritation, swelling, and burning can be reduce by topical steroid ointments or cream. Surgical removal of affected tissue can be of benefit in women with vulvodynia.

For pain relief antidepressants or anticonvulsants may also help. Biofeedback training and exercises may be helpful for some women.

Home remedies and self-care measures for vaginal pain problems can bring relief for many women. Here are the some examples.

Use mild and unscented soaps to clean the private areas.

Wear cotton and loose-fitting undergarments.

Rinse the area with cool water, particularly after sexual activity and urination.

Avoiding pools or hot tubs with chlorinated water.

To relieve or prevent pain due to sex, lubricant should use during sexual intercourse.

Avoiding food that can make the urine more irritating to the skin of the genital area.

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