Stretch marks Bio oil benefits and uses

Stretch marks Bio oil benefits and uses

After pregnancy big problem is stretch marks, Bio oil benefits and uses. If you thinking to remove ugly stretch marks and searching for the treatment. Here is the oil for all the problems related to skin. In this article you will get to know about uses of Bio oils for skin, lips and other skin problems.

What are Stretch marks Bio oil benefits and uses

What are Stretch marks Bio oil benefits and uses

Reason behind the stretch marks is when your skin stretches then cells of the skin become weak. Weak cells unable to produce new cells properly in other words we can say that cell production cycle disturbs.

It leads to marks in the bottom layer of the skin. Initially these marks are pink or red in colour later become silver or white. It means if skin get stretches more than its capacity then stretch marks will appear.

These marks mostly occurs on thighs, hips, lower back and breast. It also happen during pregnancy or sudden weight gain.

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What is bio-oil?


Bio oil not always use for stretch marks but for skin problems also like spots, dryness, wrinkles and dark pimple spots.

Regular use of bio oil can help to remove these spots. Oil contains purcellin oil which removes dryness of the skin. Oil also contains vitamin A, E, lavender oil, rosemary oil etc. All these things helps skin to rejuvenate and it does not contain any preservative.

Who can use Bio Oil?

Do not use for children below 2 years

According to your need any one can use for pimple spots and wound spots.

Bio oil also use for cracked lips and for hairs

For skin loosening, tanning bio oil can be used to treat it

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How to use Bio-Oil?

Minimum use bio oil for three months regular use to see the good results. Use your finger tips for application on affected area. Rub gently until it get soaked in the skin.

Do not use on cut or wound.

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Is it safe to use Bio-Oil during pregnancy and lactation?

Is it safe to use Bio-Oil during pregnancy and lactation?

It is completely safe to use this oil during pregnancy. After second or third trimester women should start using oil for better results.

During breastfeeding it is also safe. Avoid using oil on the nipples and always consult with the doctor before use.

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Benefits of bio oil


Oil can be use on hairs for shiny and healthy hairs

Nails growth increases with bio oil.  Massage nails with oils for shiny and healthy nails

It can be used as lip balm because it help in healing of cracked lips. It act as a moisturizer

Heavy makeup of eyes and face can be easily remove with the bio oil. Use cotton balls to swab away the make up without harming the skin

Last but not the least bio oil is best for stretch marks. Regular use of oil on affected area helps to fade away the scars.

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