Kamasutra Foreplay Tips for new couple

Kamasutra Foreplay Tips for new couple

Is sex becoming boring for you? Remember that sex is one of the most important aspects of married life and failure to have a healthy sexual relationship can create serious problems. Sex is something that needs to be performed with the consent of both partners. Unwillingness from either side will result in a bad sexual relationship. Before you jump into the real action in the bed or at any other place, it’s important to heighten the passion beforehand. After all, KamaSutra is not just all about the main sexual intercourse. In fact, it also emphasizes the importance of foreplay.

Kamasutra is the ancient book on lovemaking; you can, in fact, call it more than a manual of lovemaking, it goes beyond the realms of mere sexual intercourse. Things in our lives happen so fast that we tend to rush through everything, even sex for that matter. Kamasutra teaches us to go slow and make things spicier and foreplay is as important as the real action in itself. The entire fun of the game of sex is what leads to the final act, and if this act comes and goes at the speed of light then the experience is pretty much ruined.

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Create an atmosphere of love with your dear one following these Kamasutra steps for foreplay mentioned some great techniques of foreplay to spice up your love life

Bring in some new sensations

Kamasutra says that foreplay involves embracing your partner before the actual sexual intercourse, but there is a difference between this and a hug. When you embrace the Kamasutra way, you are using more of your body than the arms. In this act, you are expected to touch, rub, pierce, and press with the front part of your body. By doing this you are creating a touching sensation and you should deter from using your hands immediately. Lay some soft kisses and brush against each other’s lips.

Take the Time to Kiss

Kamasutra says that kissing should be done in moderation, and this is an important fact. The fact is that increasing speed and intensity of kissing will end up accelerating the entire process. When doing foreplay you must remember to take things slow, you can definitely kiss anywhere you wish to, but it is advisable that you start to explore some other places rather than the zones where sexual stimulation is at its height.

Give a relaxing massage

Both of you know each other body and what each other likes. Try giving your partner a tantalizing massage, which will arouse her completely. Feel her pleasure parts, press and fondle her breasts, touch each other’s genitals in a slow and sensuous way. There are some points which will arouse couples while having sex. Talking about men, massaging their hair and small of the neck excites them. In girls, caressing breasts and kissing them slowly arouses them. It not only is a great method of foreplay but will also add to the whole experience of being close.

Use your nails

The use of nails is beneficial for three useful moves, they can be used for pressing, marking, or scratching. This is usually done when the action gets too intense, do not use it at an early stage or else it will not be of any use. The nail actions can be done in four different situations as per the book, on the first visit, at the time of setting out on a journey, on the return of a journey and after reconciliation of a fight. This action can be done in conjunction with bites, but be mild, do not use much force.

kamasutra says Bite her

The Kama Sutra states that all kissable parts of her body are equally bitable as long as you’re biting lightly. When you bite each other, especially on the lower lip, ear lobes, and nipples, you create a type of romantic love quarrel that’s essential for long-term sexual satisfaction. Biting can also be integrated into the moment you slowly take each other’s clothes off-you can use your teeth to remove her clothes.

The different kinds of bite include:

  • The hidden bite
  • The swollen bite
  • The point
  • The line of points
  • The coral and the jewel
  • The line of jewels
  • The broken cloud
  • The biting of the boar

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