6 Things That Can Push a Man away from You

6 Things That Can Push a Man away from You

6 Things That Can Push a Man away from You,

You feel like singing and dancing when you meet someone special. Your days turn into a fairy tale. You go on dates and spend time together. You get to know each other and talk on the phone for hours.

You cannot wait to see each other and when it happens it feels as if you could spend the rest of your life with each other. But what if you see that the man you are in love with has suddenly lost interest in you? You might not know how to explain it, but the real reason is one of the following seven things:

1.He is seen as an idea or object

It’s not wise of you to reduce your partner to an object. Do not do this if you do not want him to lose interest in you. His individuality and character matter more than the material things he can offer you. Let him take you out. He might want to invite you to a café or cinema. It’s great, of course. But these are not the only things you should be interested in. Listen to him, discuss the events and talk about his life and profession.

2.Men do not like clingy women who feel insecure

We tend to change. We date people and they influence us. Our attitude also changes. We become either worse or better. It’s not good if you belong to those who feel insecure. This negative feature may destroy your relationship. Women who feel insecure start being clingy an won’t let the man feel free enough. Insecurity frightens both you and your partner. Try and analyze why you feel insecure. Change your behavior and do not be clingy. Men who happen to deal with clingy ladies tend to end relationships with them pretty soon.

3.There are personal issues in his life

Men do have feelings and emotions. They worry about some certain things happening in their life. Your man is no exception. Do not expect him to be a superhero 24/7. Sometimes he needs to resolve issues since most people nowadays have some kind of problems. This might be related to his family members, friends, career or health. Be understanding and do not demand that he should spend all his time thinking of you. He is ready to take care of you, but he also has needs. If you keep believing that there is nothing more important than you, then you will ruin your relationship. Support your man and help him if he needs your assistance.

4.He is not yet prepared to commit

Trying to force your man to commit to you and make you his wife is close to impossible. Let him make a proposal because he wants it. What’s the point in making him do what he feels he is not yet ready for?  Your hints won’t help. He knows that your friends have families, engage and get married. Someone has kids and creates a family, but he might not be willing to do what others around him do.

5.He enjoys the chase

Most men are on the hunt. They are chasing after ladies who are hard to get. They want to be the winners and easy wins are not for them. They do not like women who are ready to be theirs the very moment they meet. Watch your man and make sure that he is ready to stay with you and that he is not interested in having multiple love affairs.

6.Either your man or you loves another person

Cheating is a different thing. We are talking about feelings you or your partner might have for someone outside your relationship. Sensitive people can feel when it happens. Do not be surprised if your man all of a sudden decides to end your relationship. Let him love the person he is interested in. And be strong enough to leave your partner if there is someone more important than your man.

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