10 Tips To Prevent Weight Gain During Diwali

10 Tips To Prevent Weight Gain During Diwali

The first scourge of the festive season is, of course, those mouth-watering yummy sweets. High on calories, loaded with fats, and teeming with sugar; these look great, taste great and make for great gifts. But the truth is that they’re really bad for health.Festivals in our country are celebrated with lots of customs and traditions. But the thing common during every festival is the food. It is the focal point of all the festivities. The ladies of the house start preparing the festive sweets and snacks days in advance. Being high on taste, festive food is often high in calories. The deep fried and sugary stuff are often unhealthy and lead to weight gain post the festival. All your healthy eating and dieting may go for a toss as you just can’t resist the festive treats on offer.

The festive season shouldn’t be a bummer on your healthy diet. In fact, you need to find the delicate balance between healthy food and festive food. Nutritionists all over the world are constantly working on providing healthy substitutes to everyday foods which are as delicious but minus the calories. Therefore, it is possible to enjoy the festivities without the guilt on piling on the weight. And we will tell you how!! There are loads of healthy alternatives available out there. You just need to keep an eye open for it.

Healthy gifts on this Diwali

  • Giving healthy gifts brings attention to your respect for the receiver’s fitness plans.
  • Dry fruits are a popular gift option that is also very healthy.
  • Give your friends and loved one’s nutrition bars instead of fattening sweets.
  • A box of fruit juices is also a healthy gift option.

Here we will tell you certain tips on how to eat healthy during the festive season and prevent weight gain.

1. Healthy Substitutes When out for shopping

avoid store-bought sweets and snacks. Readymade sweets are usually high on artificial sweeteners and prepared using cheap cooking oils. Making them at home instead with less sugar, healthy oils and whole grain products will keep your weight, blood pressure and sugar levels stable. Look on the net for the inspiration of healthy festive food and you will be bombarded with yummy options which also keep a check on your weight.

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2) Check On Portion Sizes

At times where you just cannot resist sweets and snacks, like at a Diwali party, make sure you keep control on your portions. Keep a piece of sweet in your hand and savor it at times and completely avoid second helpings. You know that you will be going too far with one.

3) Smart Shopping

going grocery shopping before the festival should be all about making healthy choices. Try to pick up dry fruits instead of sweets for your family and even for gifting. Healthy alternatives for sugar like jaggery and honey will do you good. Ghee is healthy up to a point. Substitute regular cooking oil with olive oil or skip the frying part altogether and go for air frying.

4) Drink Fluids

Drinking water or juices throughout the day will keep you full and will lessen your binging urges. Plain water or lemon water will keep you hydrated.

5. Plan Your Meals

Plan your meals beforehand to avoid any last minute rush. Planning your meals in advance will give you enough time to make a healthy meal. If you have had snacks throughout the evening, then it is better to avoid dinner all together.

6. Exercise

Light exercises or walking after eating calorie-rich food will encourage your body to digest them and burn a few calories.

7. Ayurvedic Remedies

Things like drinking lukewarm water after eating oily food will help the body to easily digest it. Drinking lemon water will also prove beneficial. Avoid eating cold stuff like ice cream or cold drinks immediately after eating calorie-rich food.

8. Avoid Sugar-loaded Drinks

Sugar-containing drinks like soft drinks are loaded with sugar and fructose. These drinks are rich in carbs and calories that lead to excess weight gain. It is always wise to avoid sugar-containing drinks and opt for healthy drinks like coconut water or even buttermilk.

9) Eat Slowly

Eating foods slowly especially during the festival time helps. When you eat quickly your system will not understand when you are full and you end up eating more. But when you eat slowly the food gets properly digested and you end up eating less as well.

10) Do Not Skip Meals

If you think skipping meals can help you lose weight then you are wrong. If you want to lose weight then you should not skip your meals. You need to have a healthy diet comprising of all the essential nutrients that the body requires.

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