How to Do an Overnight Facial Treatment – Wake Up Flawless skin

How to Do an Overnight Facial Treatment – Wake Up Flawless skin

A good night’s sleep is important, but you probably already knew that.

When you sleep well, you focus better, have the energy to tackle your daily life, and are just, well, happier overall.

Apart from being the one thing to improve your overall health and well-being, however, sleepy time is also the perfect time for skin care.

Say what!?

Yep, during your sleep, your body is (mostly) still and your face relaxed, so any beauty treatment gets full playing room to work that skin!

In addition, some treatments achieve a full effect when they remain on your skin for a longer period of time.

And finally, during the night your skin is most active with cell renewal, so it’s the opportune time to help optimize that process. So your skin is not just about doing the traditional, daily trip to the beauty salon.

It’s also about what you do at night. By the way, this way of looking at skin care has more to do with your lifestyle than just the products you use. It is a holistic perspective on taking care of yourself.

3 Nightly Beauty Treatments

Ever woken up with a bloated, saggy, clogged up mug? Here are three overnight facial treatments that will truly give you that beauty sleep.

So instead of waking up like a coffee-yearning zombie, you rise up like the princes’ warrior you actually are.

  1. Nourish Your Skin with Coconut Oil

This is one of my favorites — and one of the simplest — that is even taught in many aesthetician schools.

I can’t count the many ways I use coconut oil, it’s by far my top ingredient for many beauty & health mixes.

Once or twice a week, I use a small amount of coconut oil (about the size of a pea) and massage it gently on my face and neck.

If I feel really motivated, I actually perform a lymphatic face massage, which is another wonderful skin enhancer.

When you leave it overnight, it will be completely soaked up in the morning. Your skin will feel soft and, surprisingly, not greasy at all.

If you don’t like the coconut smell, you can add a little bit of essential lavender oil. I would not go for the deodorized coconut oil because in the deodorizing process it can lose some of its beneficial qualities. Always choose extra virgin, organic coconut oil.

  1. A Satin (or Silk) Pillow Cover

I hear you, this is not technically a facial treatment. But let me tell you: if you improve the quality of the things that your skin comes in contact with, it will help you leaps and bounds in improving the quality of your skin.

And the fabric of your pillow cover is something that touches your skin more than any other fabric.

If you’re going to invest in anything related to your skin, at least change the type of pillowcase you’re using.

Choose an organic 100% pure satin or silk cover without chemicals (you can even choose ethical!) or harmful dyes, and clean it with an organic and hypoallergenic fabric wash.

You will notice the difference right away (in your hair as well!) and will never want to switch back…

  1. Night-Time Facials Products

There are some amazing overnight beauty treatments available that I use on a regular basis. And not just the usual great moisturizers.

In all honesty, 100% of my daily energy I give to my beauty clients, and I often neglect my own skin care.

Luckily there are now more and more top brands that understand you don’t have much time left during the day. There are some great options available that work their magic on your skin while you sleep.

These are my two absolute die-hard favorites that make me feel amazing and fresh:

Sea Whip Cucumber Soothing & Hydrating Gel by Via Cosmetics

It’s my go-to gel for calming my skin, especially in summer. But you can use this anytime you experience dry, inflamed or irritated skin.

The word “gel” might give you the idea of a sticky substance that pulls tight on your skin after a while, but nothing is farther from the truth!

It contains sea whip (healing and inflammatory), hyaluronic acid (hydrating), oatmeal (calming), green tea (detoxing), argon oil (anti-aging and protecting), cucumber (anti-puffing and provides antioxidants) and Aloe Vera (anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial).

Especially the argon oil makes it feel like it is not a gel or a mask, and gives you a smooth, luxurious sensation.

The Seaweed Bath Detox + Age Defying Restoring Marine Night Therapy by The Seaweed Bath Co

This is a hydrating cream based on seaweed, which detoxes and firms your skin, and reduces the appearance of fine wrinkles.

It combines three types of seaweed and Vitamin B3, which give your skin cells a huge antioxidant boost.

I use this cream about 3 times a week, and apart from my skin looking clear and fresh, it has also eliminated the redness I used to have on my cheeks.

Finally, its gluten, SLS and paraben free, something very important if you leave a product on for hours on end!

That’s it: overnight miracles for your skin – try it – love it – thank me later 🙂

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