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Spotless skin with masoor dal homemade face packs

Spotless skin with masoor dal homemade face packs

Do not go anywhere, just go to kitchen to get youthful spotless skin with masoor dal homemade face packs. Natural remedies are always beneficial for all skin types to remove dark spots, wrinkles and dull skin. Sometime chemical based products are not good for skin.

Masoor dal is easily available in home and can be used in many ways of skin care routine. It is cheap and non-allergic to the skin. Powder form of masoor dal is used for preparing face packs for all skin types like from dry to oily.

Fine powder masoor dal for face mask and little bit coarse form for scrubbing.

Skin tightening with masoor dal homemade face packs

Mix 2 tablespoons of masoor dal powder with egg white to make thick paste. Apply with the help of brush on face except eyes and lips. Leave it for 15 minutes and wash it off with cold water and follow up with moisturizer.

Masoor dal help in get rid of dark spots of face. And egg white contains protein which has skin tightening property.

Anti-ageing with masoor dal homemade face packs

This wonderful ingredient can be used to make an anti-ageing face pack. Mix the masoor dal powder with besan. Make a fine paste of these powders with some raw milk. Once your pack is ready, apply it all over your face and leave it on your face until dry. Wash off your face with cold water.

Besan works perfectly as a tan removing agent. Raw milk moisturizes the skin. Masoor dal tightens the skin and helps to remove wrinkles which is a sign of ageing.

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Anti-acne Face Pack of masoor dal

Mix one tablespoon of masoor dal powder with 1 teaspoon of almond oil, glycerine and rose water to make a fine paste. Apply this mixture generously on face, leave it for drying and wash it off gently with cold water. Use this face pack once a week to treat acne. Do not scrub it harshly as it can irritate the skin.

Glowing skin with masoor dal homemade face packs

Powder form of masoor dal can be used daily to massage your skin and make it look fresh and glowing. Normally not so good for very dry skin. But for oily skinned people can be use the dal powder mixed with a few drops of white vinegar and water.

Dry skin people can mix the masoor dal powder with honey and raw milk. Honey and raw milk hydrates the skin and maintain the moisture.

Normal skin people can mix it with curd and lemon juice. Apply the paste on face and massage for few minutes and leave it for 5 to 8 minutes. Then wash it off with cold water and do not forget to apply moisturizer.

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Change uneven skin tone to even with masoor dal homemade face packs

Uneven skin is a result of dead cells of skin. These cells wants to remove from skin to get natural glow of the skin.

Powder masoor dal use as exfoliating agent to remove dead cells. Mix masoor dal powder with raw, cold milk. Make a fine paste and scrub your face with this mixture in gentle circular motions every morning. Rinse off with cold water. Doing this daily will not only even out your skin tone but will get rid of dead skin cells and give you a glowing complexion.

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