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How To Reduce Body Heat With Ayurveda

How To Reduce Body Heat With Ayurveda

How to reduce body heat with Ayurveda

  • Pitta dosh causes body heat.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Yoga and exercise can bring down body temperature.
  • Herbal teas can cool down the body.

According to Ayurveda, it is ‘pitta’ or the body heat that allows body metabolism to work normally. When ‘pitta dosh’ occurs, the body heat becomes very high. This increase in body heat is sudden and undesirable and results in disruption of normal metabolism and chemical imbalance in the body. It is accompanied by symptoms such as acne, heartburn, skin rashes and diarrhoea, thus, it is often recommended to reduce body heat with Ayurveda.

Reducing Body Heat with Ayurveda

  • Avoid fried, spicy foods that can cause your normal body temperature to go up. Instead, a diet rich in foods such as cucumber and steamed green vegetables reduce body temperature significantly. Buttermilk and muskmelon are also known to reduce body heat.
  • Drink plenty of cold water to reduce body heat with Ayurveda effectively.
  • Sabja (basil) seeds, soaked in water for some time and then added to milk with rosewater are effective in reducing body heat.
  • Yoga exercises, such as pranayama, suryanamaskar and trikonasana help in cooling the body. Combined with meditation, they calm your body and mind, channelize your energies, and cool your body.
  • Herbal teas made from coriander, cumin seeds, fennel seeds and rosewater, improve metabolism and help lower body temperature. Both chamomile and peppermint tea soothe the body.
  • Massage your body with herbal oils to improve blood circulation and cool the body. Coconut oil is one of the best oils to maintain body temperature.
  • Avoid sugar and instead, go for sweeteners such as molasses and honey to regulate body temperature.
  • You can have half a cup of beaten yogurt with water after every meal to bring down body heat. Yogurt is a natural cooling agent.
  • Any physical activity, such as swimming or gardening performed in calm and cool environments will help reduce heat.
  • You can wear clothes in light pastel colors for a cooling effect. Fabrics such as linen and cotton keep the body cool.
  • You can also take a mixture of milk and one teaspoon almond powder with a pinch of turmeric powder to reduce body heat with Ayurveda.
  • Reduce consumption of too much salt, oil, and spices as they add heat to the body. Avoid processed and fast foods for the same reason.

There is no single way to reduce body heat with Ayurveda, which is actually a vast assortment of remedies. It is better to consult an Ayurvedic physician to get advice on the best course of treatment.

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